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Google My Business Set Up - $97

Google Reviews System - Handout - $97

Email Campaign - One Off - $97

Email System Set Up - $197

Google Reviews Weekly Email System $97 p/m

Google Reviews System Software $197 p/m

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A short description about who we are -

Yes, we do cost more than your average web company but we guarantee the profit you make will be way beyond what you invest. We truly understand what "return on investment" means and we are bound by our creeds and reputation to over-deliver beyond your wildest expectations.

We are fascinated with sales, marketing & humans, in all forms.  

We want to create works of art, to bring happiness and joy to our customers and to show them that everybody's business can truly shine with the right support systems in place. We prove it everyday to ourselves and our valued clients.

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Phone number:  Brett - 0416 051 588

We are serious about your business. Brett, our CEO handles all enquiries personally.

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